Welcome to DCL Furniture

At DCL we work with each customer personally to ensure that their vision will meet our final product. Each piece of furniture or entire wood-paneled room is first creatively conceived and then meticulously designed. We achieve our best quality through a blend of old world craftsmanship with contemporary work style.

DCL can provide any customer with almost any kind of wood product. Products from Kitchen Cabinets, tables or coffered ceilings to an entire Library, or any room, fully paneled from floor to ceiling. We can even bring some existing furniture to life via custom embellishments or alterations. The choice is your imagination with our creativity.

What Sets Us Apart From Others In This Business Is:

  • Our Decades of Experience
  • High Standard of Work
  • Great Customer Service
  • Competitive Pricing

DCL customers can also enjoy a “hands-on” experience by visiting their project under production in the shop, while finding satisfaction that all is “Made in America”.

About Us

DCL Furniture was established in 1976 by Domingos Lopes who has been creating beautiful wood furniture and other millwork products at a very young age.  Now, after generations of woodworking, DCL utilizes those skills, to bring all of  our customers ideas to fruition with a final state of the art product.

We look forward to working with you, so please contact us today..